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Regardles, this is just a blatant piece of propaganda. Bush's approval rating has nothing to do with this laundry list of liberties and luxuries. Anyone here not have electricity and running water before he was in office? Heating and air conditioning? A Job? Food? Were any of us not able to drive cross-country and stay in clean hotels along the way? How bout drive through Canada without a passport? :rolleyes: Anyone having their neighborhood bombed or not allowed to attend church, synagogue or any other house of prayer? ...and so on. The one has nothing to do with the other.

Now how 'bout 67% being "unhappy with the direction the country is headed". Does that equate to being a spoiled brat and not appreciating what we've got, or is it more like not liking the prospect of loosing some of the things on this list that we appreciate so dearly?

Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat, we all want Liberty, Freedom, and to live well with our friends and families.

Eye on the prize people!

Don't let them play you with this us against them b.s.!
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