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NORTH ATTLEBORO - Police say a 45-year-old woman with her mother's help bought luxury cars and a boat worth thousands of dollars by fraudulently obtaining credit cards and a loan in an alleged identity theft scam.

Julie A. Senechal, who lives with her mother at 51 Pine Swamp Road in Cumberland, R.I., faces arraignment on identity theft and related fraud charges today in Attleboro District Court.

She was arrested Monday night at a motel room in Smithfield, R.I., by North Attleboro Detectives Daniel Arrighi and Michael Elliott with the help of Smithfield police.

She waived her right to a rendition hearing Tuesday in Providence District Court and was brought back to the North Attleboro police station, where she was held on $25,000 cash bail pending arraignment, police said.

Meanwhile, her 77-year-old mother, Anna Senechal, pleaded innocent Tuesday to the same charges for allegedly taking part in the scam by signing loan documents and other paperwork in another woman's name. In a case that remains under investigation by several police departments, authorities say Julie Senechal fraudulently bought a 2008 Stingray boat and trailer for $31,000 at South Attleboro Marine on Route 1 in June.

In addition, police say she purchased a Hummer, a Chevrolet Corvette and a Chevrolet Silverado truck in Woonsocket, R.I., and camper trailer from McDonald's RV in Plainville.

Detective Lt. David Dawes said she was held as a fugitive from justice. If she waives a rendition hearing in Providence District Court, Julie Senechal could be arraigned today in Attleboro District Court.

Anna Senechal, who is reportedly suffering from cancer and other health ailments, turned herself in at North Attleboro police station late Monday night. She is free without bail and is due back in court April 21.

The pair admitted to the alleged scam at South Attleboro Marine when questioned by police, according to court records.

The alleged scam came to light after a 76-year-old Blackstone woman who met Julie Senechal through her grandson was notified by Bank of America that she was granted four new credit cards, police said.

Julie Senechal occasionally took the woman's husband to appointments and the grocery store and obtained the woman's Social Security number, police said.

Julie Senechal also obtained an elderly identification card with a photo of her mother and the victim's personal information to make the purchases and obtain the loan for the boat and trailer, police said.

Bellingham police arrested Julie Senechal Sept. 16 on charges of receiving stolen property and uttering a fraudulent check after they recovered the camper trailer at a camp ground. The trailer was purchased in Plainville, police said.

In addition, Uxbridge police are also investigating Julie Senechal for identity fraud, police said. Plainville police are also investigating Julie Senechal for the alleged fraudulent purchase at McDonald's RV. In 2000, North Attleboro police arrested Julie Senechal and charged her with obtaining approval for a $5,000 loan by using a relative's personal information to obtain a driver's license with her photograph.

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RI woman accused of ID theft taken to hospital

ATTLEBORO - An alleged con-woman who authorities say fraudulently bought luxury cars and a boat worth thousands of dollars was brought to a hospital complaining of chest pains soon after her arraignment Tuesday.

Moments after an Attleboro District Court judge set bail at $50,000 cash for her release, Julie A. Senechal, 45, was taken from a court-holding cell to Sturdy Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

Her lawyer, Paula D. Motaco-Plouffe of Taunton, had earlier pleaded for a lower bail her client could post, citing Senechal's health problems, including high blood pressure and heart problems.

Senechal, of 51 Pine Swamp Road in Cumberland, R.I., is accused of buying a boat and trailer, a camper, a Chevrolet Corvette, a Chevrolet Silverado truck and a Hummer using fraudulent credit cards and false information to obtain a loan.

Authorities say she used the Social Security number of the grandmother of a friend whom she did errands for to obtain four credit cards. Senechal also is accused of using her 77-year-old mother, Anna Senechal, to sign documents when she purchased a boat at South Attleboro Marine on Route 1 in North Attleboro.

Anna Senechal allegedly knew about the scam and has already been charged in the case. She pleaded innocent.

North Attleboro police prosecutor Christopher Ciccio requested $50,000 bail, noting Julie Senechal's history of fraud in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, numerous aliases and her failure to appear for court dates.

"It appears she has a chronic history of committing larceny and fraud-type offenses," Ciccio told Judge David Turcotte.

Ciccio said Julie Senechal gave a videotaped confession and a written statement admitting to the crimes.

She was supposed to be arraigned earlier, but was hospitalized until this week. A judge ordered a default warrant issued for her when she did not appear Monday.

Detective Lt. David Dawes said Julie Senechal surrendered to police Monday night. He said Rhode Island State Police are obtaining arrest warrants in connection with the vehicles purchased in Rhode Island.

North Attleboro police have charged her with identity theft, larceny, conspiracy, and two fraud-related offenses.

Unless she posts bail, Senechal will be guarded at the hospital by the Bristol County Sheriff's Department and will be taken to jail upon her release from the hospital.

She is due back in court Oct. 24.
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