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By Brian Fraga
Standard-Times staff writer
August 26, 2008 6:00 AM

WESTPORT - Police arrested a Dartmouth man over the weekend for allegedly driving his 1970 Chevrolet Nova at more than 90 mph in a 25 mph zone.
Steve S. Czapiga, 25, of 64 Fisher Road, was arrested Saturday and charged with operating so as to endanger, failure to stop at a red light, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
"Unfortunately, this person has no regard for the well-being of anyone around him and demonstrated his desire to elude the police right up until him resisting arrest when he was taken into custody," said Westport police spokesman Detective Jeff Majewski.
According to police, Mr. Czapiga eluded officers who were trying to stop him as he drove his vintage vehicle west at more than 90 mph on Old County Road. Mr. Czapiga had also turned off the car's lights to avoid detection, police said.
Detective Majewski said officers were first notified at 3:30 a.m. Saturday of a vehicle spinning its tires for several minutes and racing down Old County Road.
An off-duty officer described the vehicle as a muscle car with an extremely loud exhaust. The vehicle also had a noticeable partial open header exhaust and high-compression engine, police said.
Mr. Czapiga "had left five burnout circles in the road and one of those skid marks was out of control and had left the pavement," Detective Majewski said. "The skid marks were still sticky on the road several minutes later."
Officers lost sight of the vehicle near the intersection of Route 88. An off-duty officer stationed near the intersection of Old County and Fisher roads heard the vehicle approaching and stopped it.
Additional officers arrived at the scene. Detective Majewski said a physical struggle ensued between the officers and Mr. Czapiga, who allegedly refused to exit his vehicle.
Mr. Czapiga was eventually placed in handcuffs and arrested. He refused medical attention at the scene, police said.

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Typical stupid ass turns a simple CMVI into an ass-whooping and arrest.
I love it! Saves the immediate threat form BS doesn't it?
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