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Dangerous prank on Carver student caught on camera
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CARVER, Mass. -- A 17-year-old was the victim of a dangerous prank as he left Carver High School Friday evening.
Tom Finch was leaving the school in his 1999 Mustang when the hood of his car flew up and smashed his windshield. At first, Finch wasn't sure what had hit him.
"I thought it was a rock at first, like someone had thrown a rock and it hit the car," Finch said.
But it wasn't a rock; it was a vicious prank that was caught on the school's surveillance camera. Someone had pulled the safety pins on the hood on Finch's car.
The camera captured three of Finch's classmates pulling the pins out and then driving their car across the parking lot to watch the prank unfold.
Finch said one of the three boy's caught on camera was someone he considered a friend who recently asked about the hood pins. Finch had showed him what would happen if they weren't in place.
The boy suffered a sprained wrist trying to shield himself from the blow, but it could have been far worse.
"If it came from a different angle it could have cut my head off, or it could have killed another family or another person," Finch said.
The family is pressing charges.
The teenagers involved will face disciplinary action according to the high school principal, which could involve suspension or possibly expulsion.
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