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By Tanya Eiserer
Dallas Morning News

DALLAS - Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle today issued a new policy on when officers can exceed the speed limit in their cars.
The new rules come on the heels of recent controversial driving incidents, including the death of 10-year-old Cole Berardi. Cole was riding his bicycle on a dark road in southeast Dallas when he was struck by an officer driving at least 29 mph over the speed limit without sirens or lights.
Under the new policy, officers will be generally prohibited from traveling faster than 20 mph over the speed limit on major roadways and freeways when their lights and sirens are activated. Previously, there were no limitations on speed.
Officers will be required to observe the posted speed limit in residential neighborhoods and school zones even when their lights and sirens are activated. They have also been ordered to slow down at intersections to make sure they are clear before running a stop sign or signal.
When responding to a nonemergency call, police will be required to travel the posted speed limit and obey traffic laws.
Authorized officers will be allowed to exceed the 20 mph limit in limited circumstances: when another officer is in immediate danger or when they are involved in a pursuit.
The policy also states that there may be times when it is necessary to go faster than that, but that "officers are not relieved of their responsibility to exercise due regard for the safety of all persons."

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