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By Scott Goldstein
The Dallas Morning News

DALLAS - A man died in police custody early Sunday morning after a brief struggle with officers who spotted him acting irrationally in the middle of a street in South Dallas, police said.
Two officers responding to an unrelated call about 1 a.m. saw Dwight Carter, 50, of Dallas, walking in the road and making strange gestures with his hands in the 3100 block of Grand Avenue, near Fair Park, said Sgt. Gary Kirkpatrick, commander of the unit investigating the case.
The officers, Senior Cpl. Carl Barnes, 49, and Senior Cpl. Reginald Jackson, 47, attempted to stop Mr. Carter.
"They contacted him, he tried to walk away, continued to walk into traffic," Sgt. Kirkpartick said. "They were convinced that he was a danger to himself and others" and decided to take him into custody, he said.
As Senior Cpl. Barnes stood behind Mr. Carter in an attempt to move him to the side of the road, the man jerked his head back toward the officer and knocked out one of the officer's front teeth, police said.
The officers were then able to handcuff Mr. Carter, who was showing signs of possible drug use and continued to resist, Sgt. Kirkpatrick said. The officers called for a Dallas Fire-Rescue ambulance, which transported Mr. Carter to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.
Mr. Carter was pronounced dead at the hospital about 1:20 a.m., police said.
Sgt. Kirkpatrick said investigators later learned Mr. Carter was suspected in an earlier stabbing a few blocks away. The victim in that case was treated at the scene, he said.
The investigation is ongoing, and the Dallas medical examiner's ruling on the cause of death is pending toxicology tests.
Senior Cpl. Barnes has been with the police department for 28 years, and Senior Cpl. Jackson for 16 years, police said. Senior Cpl. Barnes has been placed on injury time, police said.

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