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Dad forces boys to apologize for theft

The father of two brothers, ages 12 and 15, accused of shoplifting from a
Gering, Neb., Dollar General store said he ordered them to publicly

Cole Russell, 15, and his brother Kip, 12, spent an hour Wednesday
standing outside the store with bright orange signs outlining their alleged
behavior and were due to spend another hour outside the store Thursday,
the Scottsbluff Star-Herald reported Thursday.

The elder brother is due in court Dec. 5 on shoplifting charges after he
allegedly entered the store and hid a small ax inside his coat while Kip
waited outside.

Merle Russell, the boys' father, said Kip was punished alongside Cole for
not attempting to stop the crime.

"I'm not light when it comes to discipline,'' Russell said. "I won't tolerate a
thief, and hopefully this will teach them that need to make the right
choices. When you steal, it takes money away from everybody.''

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On the kids part, the apology probably wasn't sincere.
But I give credit to the old man for at least making a statement other than the usual "I know my kid and he couldn't do that".......
The brothers grime may not be sincere now, but in 20 years they will remember this episode and if they turn out as right and proper men, they will thank the old man.
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