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Woman Attacked At Back Bay Station

BOSTON -- A Roxbury man who just finished serving a 13-year sentence for armed robbery was arrested again and charged with raping and beating a woman at gunpoint at an MBTA station over the weekend.

Richard Flowers, 48, is being held on $250,000 bail on charges of aggravated rape, armed robbery, and credit card fraud, the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office said Monday.

"The facts of this case are horrifying and brutal," Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said, "and the victim suffered a terrifying ordeal. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. I'd like to commend the Transit Police for their outstanding work to build a very strong case against this defendant."
Police alleged that Flowers approached a 25-year-old woman at the Back Bay MBTA station shortly after 8:30 p.m. Friday and pulled a gun on her, demanding money and other items.

After doing so, Flowers allegedly forced her to the stairwell leading to Columbus Avenue and Clarendon Street, where he pushed her against the wall and on the floor, blocking her from the view of passers-by with his body and at one point waving away a witness who subsequently called police, according to the district attorney's office.

Flowers allegedly raped the woman and punched her in the head repeatedly, the district attorney's office said.

At one point, as the victim was on the ground, she noticed the assailant's handgun on the floor next to her and kicked it down the stairs, prompting him to rise and run after it. As he did, she fled the scene and was subsequently taken to New England Medical Center, according to the district attorney's office.

Doctors at the hospital treated her not only for the sexual assault but also for abrasions, contusions, and lacerations stemming from the beating her assailant inflicted on her, according to the district attorney's office.

Transit police took a detailed statement from the victim and reviewed surveillance footage that revealed an individual matching the description she gave.

The images of the suspect were isolated and released to all transit police officers and to other local law enforcement agencies.

The next day, investigators learned that the victim's credit card had been used fraudulently in an apparent effort to buy $2,075 worth of jewelry.

The would-be buyer sought to have the jewelry shipped to a Monroe Street address but was unsuccessful because of the discrepancy between the billing and shipping addresses.

Using that information, transit police detectives visited the Monroe Street residence and observed the man depicted in the security footage seated on the front porch.

As detectives approached, the district attorney's office said, he fled into the house and remained there for a short time before surrendering, being read his Miranda rights.

Flowers is scheduled to be back in court Oct. 9.
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