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An officer who opened fire, killing a 23-year-old robbery suspect outside of Golden Hill supermarket in May, was justified, according to an investigation by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.
Alexander James Culley died after being shot by San Diego police Officer Javier Carranza the night of May 30 outside of 1148 25th Street.
In a letter dated Sept. 18, Dumanis said Carranza ordered Culley to stop, after responding to reports of an armed robbery at Jaroco Market, but Culley kept walking. When the two were about 10 feet apart, Dumanis said Culley turned and pointed what appeared to be a black gun at the officer. Carranza opened fire, shooting Culley in the abdomen.
Culley was shot in the abdomen and later died at Scripps Mercy Hospital.
Based upon Dumanis' report, Culley had a history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder, and may have intended for Carranza to kill him. Police had received a domestic disturbance call from Culley's apartment hours before the shooting, where his girlfriend said she had broken up with him. He allegedly became violent, grabbed the woman by the throat, and grabbed his black metal BB gun, Dumanis said.
He later wound up at the market, where Carranza shot him. The district attorney also said Carranza had a reasonable fear that he would be injured or killed.

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