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Has anyone had any real life experience with the new CVPI trunk pack withthe Kevlar panel? Dallas PD reportedly tested it and the results showed larger tank leaks with the pack than without.

Keep this in mind when ordering your new vehicles.

Some articles on it:

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Trying to create a device for the CV that will totally stop leaks is impossible, it doesn't matter whats around the tank, a 70mph rear impact will split a flat piece of sheet metal. (and don't forget inner tank pressure suddenly needing an escape route from the tank). It's a tough gamble to create something to stop a leak from impact, it totally depends on angle of impact, either way, the tank is gunna rupture, it's a matter of trunk/interior sealing so its harder for the fuel to consume the interior. But then again the CV weights enough lol.......I don't feel like creating a flame thread or debate thread but I hate this whole public "sue Ford for physics" I've yet to see a rwd 4-door sedan NOT leak fuel at 60-70mph+ rear impact....

stay safe out there
I have a complete section on the CVPI at:

You can find articles and links that deal with the trunk pack and other issues.
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