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ORLANDO, Fla. --
An Orlando police officer caught on camera cursing and screaming at a driver brought his case to court Tuesday.
Officer Richard Ruth was suspended for three days for that outburst, but he said that penalty was too harsh so he sued the department.
Ruth is claiming not only that he was unfairly punished by the department but that his rights under state law were violated watch this traffic stop.
Leon Patrick was arrested for reckless driving after hitting a patrol car.
Turns out, Patrick is the former stepson of the head of internal affairs for OPD, Dwain Rivers.
He even asked to call him during the traffic stop.
A year later, Dwain is under the gun.
Ruth is suing the department, alleging violations of his rights when it comes to discipline.
After the traffic stop and vulgar outburst, Ruth was given an oral reprimand, but days later, he was handed a three-day suspension without pay, for violating OPD's "standards of conduct.
Rivers, the former stepfather of the man arrested by Ruth, insists he had nothing to do with the officer's punishment.
"I had no conversation with Sgt. Joe Windt who investigated the, uh, investigation," Rivers said.
Neither Ruth nor his attorney would talk with us about the case.
The union that represents Orlando police officers said Ruth's case is one of several that shows a dangerous pattern of abuse by OPD management.
The judge hearing Ruth's case should make a decision in the coming weeks.

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