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I got my notification to move onto the CSP's polygraph May 27th! I doubt you all care, but this is HUGE news for me. After the poly I get to wait around again for months at a time....can't wait! :p :p :p :p
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Good luck to both of you and remember a polygraph is just an investigative tool, nothing more. And they're only as good as the operator, there's nothing magical about them. Don't be nervous, its not that bad. I've been thru both the poly and voice stress without any problems, so you folks will be fine!!
timmy18m";p="65684 said:
can the information you admit in the poly (in order to pass to poly) be used against you further along in the process
Absolutely, thats the main purpose of the polygraph to obtain truths which may be omitted in an oral interview.

Congratulations on your poly, good job!!
Always remember - You never get a second chance to make a first impression!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck !!!
kttref";p="69097 said:
Thanks Jake! If my BI was a man I'd considering not wearing anything...but it's a female :)
A female Trooper, you still may want to consider going naked :wink:

We have faith in you, I'm sure you'll do fine!!!
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