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I got my notification to move onto the CSP's polygraph May 27th! I doubt you all care, but this is HUGE news for me. After the poly I get to wait around again for months at a time....can't wait! :p :p :p :p
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Thanks RPD. I've been thinking about everything I've done in my life, just to have my mom tell me that before I was born she and my father used to grow marijuana...because it was "cheaper then buying it".....Now I have that on my mind! haha.
Gil";p="63366 said:
Congrats kttref!!! That is great news. I wish you the best keep us informed...

I only did one polygraph, it was for the VSP, they instructed me that if I could not remember the specific date and time of the incident they were asking about then it didn't happen.... lol
Haha yeah, the few people I've spoken to about poly's all say "If you don't remember it, or if you don't think it happened, it never happened". So I should be ok!! But thanks for the positive note. I'm really excited. I bought a new shirt today for it...I think that's a girl thing, but I had to!
Congrats to you too Shorty. Do you mind me asking what your combined score was?
Very cool and good luck to you. The few people I've talked to about CSP have already been DQ'd after their poly. Seems that CSP, while down on applicants, is still being tough. I like them having standards. :lol:
Agreed, nex January (if the budget is approved) I'll see you there!
Aww, thanks Jake. Hopefully things will go the way I want them to :)

By the way, how are you? Haven't seen you around in awhile! I hope you're feeling 100% better.
Positive. The Jan. start date is only if they get funding. From the last test, they hired one round of troopers (the ones that graduated on April 13). Those troopers took the test two years before the academy started. So, it will be awhile.
I have my polygraph tomorrow....wish me good luck! I'll tell you all how it went after!
In CT, from my husbands experience, they examiner told him that "He probably failed...his heart rate was too fast....his breathing was irregular..." etc...all to make him squirm. He passed no problem.

Also, with the CSP process, many people have PASSED the poly, but been DQ'd for answers they gave in the poly.

I hope that helps Timmy.

Jo - THat's why she's an Ex!
timmy18m";p="65688 said:
I think I'm just embarassed to what I had to admit to in order to pass the test. It's not that I have any criminal history it was just something that came up in my sexual history background. So now, I'm like great I passed the test...but have my chances been decreased about what I was forthcoming with???
As long as you didn't sell your body, buy someone else's body, or sleep with minors (unless you were a minor too)...then you should be ok.

We all have things in our sexual history that we didn't, or are embarrsed about. Hell I know I have mine!....but in the grand scheme of things, it's not too bad. I know a trooper who seems to cheat on every female he's ever been with and well...look where he is now.
Those odds are great Timmy, please keep me updated! And good luck to you!'s 4:15 and I just got home from the poly. It wasn't too bad. Pretty much what I expected. I just hate the waiting now...also, I've never felt like such a criminal (or bad person) in all my life.

Thankfully, I know I'm not as bad as some. I just hope the damn thing doesn't say I was lying...because I wasn't! :roll:
It's not so much the questions...but they ask you everything about your background, drug use, alcohol use, unusual sexual activity, credit history, medical history, employment history....everything.

It's just sitting there, all strapped in, knowing that they're monitoring your breathing, pulse, bloodpressure...It's all those things combined and then being asked feel horrible.

My examiner was like "I was there too, this isn't a fun step."....
Shorty - They give you a chance to explain yourself, so you may be ok...but it's not up to the poly's up to selections. All the examiner is going to be able to tell them, is if you pass or failed. I hope that helps.
Shorty - How was your poly?
I found out I passed my polygraph and am moving on to the background! One step closer to the 117th Trooper Trainee Academy! :DB: :GNANA: :BNANA:
Thanks for the positive thoughts. And trust me, I will keep the faith. I want this really bad... :) The only thing that could screw me now, is my family...they're crazy :twisted:
kwflatbed";p="67675 said:
We all have them Kate. You will make it !!!!!
Thank you :)
Thanks PBC.

RPD - Absolutly. I'll be sending that picture to people I don't know in a heartbeat...Just to be like "Don't f up on my highways"... :)
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