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Black/Orange style windproof and waterproof. Slightly used, no name brand. I bought it about 8 months ago, still clean, no stains or damage.

Black side has two front pockets and badge holder, Orange side has a silver reflective stripe and a small pocket for wallet or cell phone.
standard zippers on the sides for belt equipment as well as elastic/button straps to secure the jacket under the duty belt.

There was one patch on the left side that I removed really carefully so its not very noticable that there was ever one on there.

The jacket fits small or medium framed guys and was frequently stolen by female counterparts :x Good extra detail jacket, very light and easily stored in a duty bag.

I bought it for 50 bucks at Puritan in Barnstable, best (or any offer) gets it. I have pics, send me an email.

PS: It's a very lucky jacket, taking it off the hanger today I found 6 bucks in the pocket! Woooo! 8)
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