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Rutland man hurt in Aug. motorcycle accident


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Mr. Chaynes

EAST BROOKFIELD- A cross-dressing Rutland man who tried to drive away after his Harley-Davidson motorcycle crashed in Paxton in August was sentenced yesterday to serve two years in the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction as part of a plea agreement reached in Western Worcester District Court.

Daisy Chaynes, 55, of 44 Wildbrook St., Rutland, was arrested Aug. 14 when an off-duty emergency medical technician noticed him trying to drive away after an accident. The EMT said Mr. Chaynes had minor injuries and he called for an ambulance, according to court documents.

Police said Mr. Chaynes, who was dressed in women's clothing that day, appeared to be drunk and could not complete field sobriety tests.

He later took a Breathalyzer test and showed a blood-alcohol level of .16 percent. The legal limit is .08.

Prosecutor John F. Kennedy successfully argued before Judge Robert Calgione that the results of the breath test should be presented to the jury during the case in which Mr. Chaynes was charged with a fifth offense of driving under the influence.

Mr. Chaynes then agreed to plead guilty to a third offense of drunken driving. Mr. Kennedy said some of the previous offenses date back 20 or 30 years.

Mr. Chaynes lawyer, Albert G. Hayeck, requested his client be sentenced to 18 months, while Mr. Kennedy argued for a 2-1/2 year sentence with 18 months to serve and follow-up counseling combined with probation.

Mr. Hayeck said placing Mr. Chaynes, who is also known as Paul Devillers, on probation would serve no purpose. He said his client had a coin from Alcoholics Anonymous in his pocket when he was arrested and that many of his problems are alcohol-related.

Judge Calgione said he would impose a longer sentence but would not require probation. He sentenced Mr. Chaynes to two years.

Mr. Hayeck said Mr. Chaynes plans to leave the United States when his sentence is complete.
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