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(San Juan, Puerto Rico) It appears that inmates at Puerto Rico's 47 prisons will cast ballots tomorrow under the watchful eyes of Edwin Mundo, the New Progressive Party Electoral Commissioner. Mundo believes there are crooks in the prisons who will try to influence the vote.
"Our entire team is prepared. We have trained and knowledgeable people, with vast experience in the penal electoral process, and the electoral process, that is why I don't foresee any mayor controversies if the process is allowed to flow fairly, orderly and honestly as established by the law," Mundo said at a news conference where he introduced the army of observers that will be visiting all 47 correctional facilities when prisoners begin to cast their votes.​
Mundo believes the Popular Democratic Party will "commit any illegal act" and should not be trusted. Close monitoring of the process is necessary.

Apparently left unsaid is the fact that it would be extremely naive to ever expect convicts to strictly comply with the law. Realistically, it's hard to imagine anything other than a high potential for fraud. The prisons are full of crooks.
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