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Crime too difficult for elderly burglar

A 76-year-old convicted burglar in Britain says modern technology has made it so hard to commit crimes he is retiring.

Richard Blaylock, a great-grandfather, said after being released from jail last week that thanks to such advancements as DNA testing and high-quality surveillance equipment, a life of crime is no longer in his future, The Daily Telegraph said Thursday.

"It's getting harder and harder for criminals, with all the CCTV cameras and DNA evidence. It's a mugs' game. I'll never get into trouble again," the senior citizen said.

The career criminal has a total of 69 convictions on his record and has spent more than half of his life in 14 different prisons.
His release came after the elderly burglar received a three-month jail sentence for being stopped by police with his burglary tools.

Blaylock, whose first brush with the law occurred in 1943, said he hopes any young aspiring criminal would learn from his experiences, the Telegraph said.

"I would tell any youngsters thinking of going into a life of crime that they shouldn't. I've wasted my life in prison and I never made any money out of crime," he said.
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