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Anyone read this yet? Pretty interesting recommendations, here's a few:

1. Needing an associates for initial entry and higher education for promotion (recommended to be done in the "short term")
2. Getting rid of DARE (finally)
3. Changing both State Police and Municiple Academy training criteria (good luck)

Of course the report goes on to say that a lot of these changes cost money that no one has. I would imagine that the education requirements will change quickly. It doesn't cost money to change initial qualification statute (except the paper and ink). The report is appx. 80 pages and divided into five sections. Looks like there will be some pretty lucrative positions created if this ever gets off the ground. This is especially so for the State Police, as it appears that they will be the nerve center for all the data collected.

I know good luck with that. The MCJTC is all a bunch of B.S. Can you accually beleive that Mass is one of the best states around for LE training. The MSP will get the short end of the stick. They will have to do all the records etc.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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