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Crashed car gets a ticket

A traffic warden put a ticket on a car which had just been involved in a crash while its owner was in hospital.
Kristian Bennison, 24, was taken to hospital after his Volkswagen hit another car, reports the Daily Telegraph.

He and his mother managed to push the badly damaged car to one side of the road, where they left it so Mr Bennison could be treated for shock and minor injuries.
But when Debra Bennison returned to the car to put a note on it to explain they were waiting for a tow truck to take it away, she found it had been ticketed.
Mrs Bennison, who lives with Kristian in Bowdon, Cheshire,UK, said: "I could not believe my eyes. It was obvious the car had been involved in a bad smash, there was glass all over the road. I'm just grateful no one was hurt.

"I will be appealing against this ticket by find it distressing and unnecessary hassle at an already stressful time."
Trafford Council's head of transportation Geoff Ball said the parking contractor would be warned to be less free with its fines.

"The car did receive a parking ticket as it was left on double yellow lines," he said.
"However, the council has discretion to cancel tickets in exceptional circumstances and this ticket was cancelled as soon as we were aware of the circumstances.

"We will be working with the parking contractor to avoid this kind of situation happening in future."
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