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Crash driver was sitting on plastic box

Police officers called to a car crash in Vienna, Austria, found the driver
behind the wheel - sitting on a plastic box.

Harold Stein, 58, had taken out the driver's seat for cleaning and replaced
it with a 12 inch high carton that left him unable to reach the brake pedal.

But he was left with cuts and bruises after hitting another driver at a

Stein said: "I was only going on a short trip and thought the box would be
an ideal replacement for the seat.

"Everything was fine, I felt comfortable sitting on it, even though I admit
it didn't feel quite as secure as a normal seat, but then when I got to the
traffic lights I realised I wasn't in an ideal position to be using the pedals."

A spokesman for police said: "It is the kind of thing you would not believe
unless you saw it with your own eyes. No one can remember anything like
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