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Crash coats Florida highway with Pepsi

A section of highway in Melbourne, Fla., had to be hosed down after a vehicle crash spilled 500 2-liter bottles of Pepsi on the roadway, police say.

Melbourne police Sgt. Scott Mostert said Wednesday's crash on U.S. Highway 1 in the Florida city temporarily closed down all the highway's southbound lanes in order to make time for the major soda clean-up, WKMG-TV of Orlando, Fla., reported.

"The fire department washed down the road," Mostert said. "There was a lot of Pepsi on the road. It was pretty brown."

Police said the accident occurred when a vehicle made a right turn in front of the tractor-trailer carrying the beverages, forcing the large truck to swerve.

The two vehicles then collided, while the 2-liter bottles hurled from the tractor-trailer impacted with two other vehicles, police say.

WKMG-TV said while a mess was made of the highway and liters upon liters of the sugary treat were lost, no injuries were reported in the accident.
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