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Cow's head freed from washing machine

TRURO, England, -- Animal rights activists in Britain say they had to free a cow's head from a washing machine after the animal got a bit too curious.
Royal Society of the Cruelty of Animals spokeswoman Jo Barr said the group's workers were called to Cornwall county after a young cow came across the machine in an area field and investigated it a little too closely, The Times of London reported Saturday.

"It is one of the more unusual things we had had to rescue an animal from," Barr said of the washer, which had been dumped in the field by unknown parties. "Young cows are quite curious, and she probably thought there was some food inside the drum."

RSPCA inspector David Hobbs, who rescued the trapped bovine, told the Times the recent incident was a lesson about properly disposing of one's unwanted items.

"If people disposed of their rubbish properly many animals would be saved from injury and death," he said.

"A large proportion of the injuries are caused by carelessly discarded rubbish and fishing litter."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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