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By Maria Papadopoulos
Posted Nov 04, 2008 @ 02:38 AM

A cow that escaped from a butcher shop at North and Pleasant streets Monday afternoon outran authorities, who were still searching for the cow later that evening.
No one knew what the cow's beef was that prompted it to take off.
"It was a little faster than me and some of the other officers," Sgt. Willis Griffiths said.
The cow got loose around 5 p.m., while it was being unloaded from a trailer into a pen, Griffiths said.
"It went between the trailer and the pen, between the gap, so it escaped," he said. "It took off down the road."
The cow remained in the roadway for some time, snarling traffic on Pleasant Street, Griffiths said.
Officers responded to direct traffic and make certain no cars hit the animal, he said.
Farm workers also responded to try and get the cow into a trailer but "unfortunately, it went off in some wooded areas and they haven't located it yet," Griffiths said at 9 p.m. Monday.
Griffiths said he hasn't seen anything similar happen in town "in a while."

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Sounds like a case for the WEB task force... I think I saw the suspect on craigslist.... hehehe... It is hunting season so I dont' think Ms Moooo will make it far..
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