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Cow attempts to jump elderly woman

An elderly Bulgarian woman got the shock of her life when her cow suddenly reared up and mount her - causing her donkey to collapse in laughter.
Rositza Kasaboba had been returning home with her animals after letting them graze in a nearby field in the village of Krustatitsa when the bizarre scene was captured by a local photographer.

The cow, named Dana, sent Rosita crashing to the ground, leaving her "battered and bruised" but otherwise unscathed.
After recovering from her ordeal, the 68-year-old said: "My cow has never done such a thing before.
"Worst of all - even my donkey collapsed afterwards on the ground, I am sure it was laughing at me."
Unlike her donkey, Rosita didn't appear to see the funny side of the incident, and has vowed to make sausages for Christmas from the unruly cow.
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