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Court TV filming Virginia Tech police officers
By Shay Barnhart
The New River Valley Current

Standing in the police department's front lobby, Virginia Tech Chief Debra Duncan couldn't get the order out of her mouth fast enough. A crew working for the cable television channel Court TV arrived on campus Thursday morning to begin filming footage for a series being developed around the day-to-day lives of campus cops.

The crew ousted Duncan from her office adjacent to the lobby to film interviews with individual officers. And every sound echoed through the lobby and into the footage.
So each time the front door clicked shut, someone cringed.
Capt. Bob Baudo, interviewed earlier in the day, tried to conduct his daily business in a whisper while standing in the lobby.
And no matter how serious Tech's officers tried to be about the all-quiet order, they couldn't keep a straight face long enough to be successful.

The yet-to-be-titled show could air as early as December, producers said. Court TV personnel said the show is still in development and declined to give out any specifics.
Tech police were ready for the lights and cameras and producers.

Duncan said she hoped people who eventually watch Court TV's show realize that campus police are professional law enforcement officers.
"The mind-set often is that university police departments are just security officers and baby-sitters and don't do much else, and that's just not the case," Duncan said. "We hope to show that campus police officers have basically the same responsibilities and job descriptions as officers in municipal or state agencies. I always tell the officers that I can train anyone to pull drunks out of trailers, but it takes a special skill and special people to deal with students and the unique situations that occur on college campuses."

The crew is scheduled to remain on campus through Saturday, when Virginia Tech's football team takes on NC State.
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