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Published: July 21, 2008 05:31 am ShareThisPrintThis
Couple rescued as wind batters boat
By Bruno Matarazzo Jr.
Staff writer

SALEM - A Middleton couple had to be rescued from their boat Saturday after strong winds caused havoc on a weekend getaway.
Tim and Robin Willey moored their 32-foot cabin cruiser between Great Misery Island and Little Misery Island for the night when strong winds began to barrel through the North Shore at 2 a.m.
Assistant Harbormaster Steve Levesque said the squall caused the boat's line to the moor to "chafe and break free," sending the boat into the rocks.
With the boat stuck, Tim Willey put his wife and two dogs, Maggi and Angel, into a rubber raft with two oars with the plan of having them wait on the shore of the island. But nature had a different plan.
"The wife and two pets got blown out to sea," Levesque said.
Levesque explained the wind and seas were working away from the island, overtaking the raft.
The harbormaster received a distress call from the husband and Assistant Harbormaster Eric McFarland responded.
McFarland first responded and, using a night-vision camera mounted on his patrol boat, located the raft three-quarters of a mile from the back side of Misery Island in Manchester Harbor by Whale Back Rocks, Levesque said.
McFarland rescued the woman and the two dogs, then returned to the cabin cruiser to pick up Tim Willey. The couple and their dogs were brought to Liberty Marina in Beverly, where their boat was towed later that morning by Tow Boat US.
In a phone interview last night, Willey thanked McFarland, Liberty Marina and the tow company for helping them Saturday.
"It was the first weekend we were able to get away and it was short-lived," Willey said.
He said his insurance company will be checking his boat, named Adair, to determine if it can be repaired or will be totaled.
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