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County Sheriffs, K-9 Officers Assist Falmouth Police

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    Support from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office has filled a need for additional help on the Falmouth Police Department, and will continue to do so as Police Chief Edward A. Dunne seeks to fill more than eight positions. Two deputy sheriffs who previously served on the Barnstable County Street Crimes Unit and three K-9 officers have been working with the department since mid-October.

    Sheriff James M. Cummings was planning to rotate personnel out of Barnstable and offered their services to the Falmouth Police Department, Chief Dunne said.

    “We are down on manpower, so I was not going to say ‘no’ to assistance,” he said. When asked how long the additional help would be utilized, Chief Dunne said that it could be a week or it could be a month—or the sheriff’s office “may need them back” when the department gets caught up with staffing.

    Currently, only 49 of the department’s 58 positions are filled. Four potential new hires are in their eleventh week of the Plymouth Police Academy and due to graduate on February 6, Chief Dunne said, and the department is seeking to hire four more for the next academy in March. He added that interviews will be scheduled for those candidates in the next couple weeks.

    “Once we get those four, we’ll be pretty close to the funded 58 positions,” he said. Starting on January 1, at least two more positions will open due to anticipated retirements from the police force.

    Being short-staffed has been challenging for the police force, which at its peak had a seven-detective Special Services Division. Some personnel were reassigned as a result of vacancies in the Patrol Division, Chief Dunne said, leaving the department with only two detectives.

    Three of those vacancies were left by patrolmen Eric L. Kraus and Kurt Baumann and sergeant Scott Hartzler just two weeks ago, after a four-month long internal investigation of an incident that occurred on Fourth of July weekend. The three officers either resigned or were fired as a result of their involvement in the incident, during which fireworks stored as evidence were removed from the station and set off. A fourth officer who was also involved is still employed at the department.

    In reference to the assistance provided by the sheriff’s office, Chief Dunne said, “It’s extremely helpful, it really is.”

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