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HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) - Holyoke police have charged a New York City couple with using counterfeit $100 bills at the Holyoke Mall and it took a little work to find some of the evidence.
The pair was arrested last night after a store employee got suspicious. Back at the police station, four of the counterfeit bills were retreived from between the buttocks of the male suspect.
Police say Edwin Gonzalez and Viviana Ordonez-Romero face various charges, including possession of counterfeit notes, larceny under $250 and giving false names to police.
But more than their money was fake. Holyoke's police chief said they gave fake names, and were only identified after a national fingerprint check.
Holyoke police say they believe some of the fake money was also passed in West Springfield, and if that's found to be true, the couple will face charges there as well.
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