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Couch killer wife escapes jail

A woman who killed her husband by shutting him inside a folding couch has
been given a suspended sentence.

After her partner made an insulting comment about her, Vera Lukyanova,
55, closed the settee on him as he was lying on it.

Prosecutors said she was drunk during the incident, which happened in
July in St Petersburg, Russia.

Her husband was suffocated after he was unable to free himself.

The city's Channel Five television station showed rescue workers sawing
through the folding sofa in order to reach the man at the time.

He was wearing his underwear and was trapped between the mattress and
the back of the couch.

Rescue workers said the woman had left her husband there for three hours
before checking on him.

She had faced up to two years in prison for manslaughter, but was given
a one-year suspended sentence.
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