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I was honored to work with Kurt too, I started with Rialto Police Department in 1988, and Kurt and I worked together in 1989-2000 on Graveyard and we always took our lunch together at 0630 so that we could go to Bob's Big Boy. Even though they opened at 0700, The first Waitress that started there would open the door to allow us to come in and have either a sweet roll, coffee, or if the Cook was able to get the Griddle set up we could have some eggs or Pancakes.

In that half hour the second Waitress would come in to help her with the Morning crowds that would come in at 0700 to enjoy Breakfast. Lori was the Waitress that Opened the Restaurant, and Terry was the Waitress that came in at 0645 to get ready for the morning crowd.

Kurt's Personality was one that was great he would make us all laugh, in the morning, Lori was one that you could almost say anything in front of and she was almost never embarrassed or bothered by it. Terry was the opposite. I liked Terry, but she was Married, and well we went one and had a good thing with fresh coffee, and a fun half hour teasing and making Lori laugh.

One day Terry was Upset, She was having marriage problems and had decided to separate from her husband. She was shy, and well as time was going on, Kurt was working with Lori behind our backs and Kurt was instrumental in pushing Me to ask Terry out on a date. I was reluctant since she was just in a separation from her Husband a thing that is usually a trial situation, and in a lot of situations the Marriage gets resolved and the couple goes on!

Well I took a chance and asked Terry out on a Date, this was in June of 1990, and if it wasn't for Kurt, I would not have met or married my wife today! I am happy to say that Terry went on to Divorce her husband, and she moved into an apartment I moved in a short time later and we have been together ever since. We got Married in October 19, 1995, & have been together ever since.

When my Motorcycle Accident Occurred, when I had basically became 100% Disabled, My Wife stood by my side and we have struggled though a great deal but we are still together and we have a great rock in each other. I love her very much and I don't know what I would do with out her. I partially have Kurt to Thank for that, I am just Sorry for what had happened to Kurt, He was always up. Even when he had his second or third Open Brain surgery he was up. Pleasant and still working on making jokes. He is one of a kind! I will miss him dearly!!

Buck Stewart
BS Ranch
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