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Cops: Woman wields machete during Ashland road rage incident

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An Ashland woman menaced a Holliston man with a machete on Monday after he beeped his horn at her when she cut him off on Main Street, authorities said.

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We should ban all machetes immediately! For the little ones :rolleyes:
In the car, police found a 23-inch long black machete. She also had a loaded handgun, but the gun was legal, secured in a holster and she had a gun permit.
Not anymore!

She was released without bail

She's due back Sept. 3rd for a slap on the wrist and an affirmation of her anti-social behaviors.

That could have turned out so much worse.

I pack heat like an over door, and a machete being brandished would have triggered my "reach for it" instinct.

Imagine a 2 sided shoot out over road rage? I hate people that drive like inconsiderate fucks, but it's not worth getting jammed up or dead.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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