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By Michael Morton/Daily News staff
MetroWest Daily News
Posted Oct 22, 2008 @ 12:59 AM

Police say they are investigating reports that a college student seeking to buy drugs was robbed twice Monday night by armed suspects, who apparently fired a warning shot during the second encounter.
Lt. Paul Shastany called the case an isolated incident.
Witnesses have been reluctant to talk about the incidents because of the apparent involvement of drugs, Shastany said.
Officers received reports of the robberies at about 10 p.m., he said, although the incidents took place earlier in the evening, beginning at an apartment on the second floor of 172 Irving St.
According to witness statements, a Framingham State College student from Worcester was in the apartment with three companions when he gave two other men $1,000 to bring back drugs.
Instead, one of the men returned with a gun and three armed friends, taking an undisclosed amount of cash and cell phones, later discarding the phones out back, Shastany said.
The student and a female companion drove off, Shastany said, only to run into the suspects again near Centre Pizza on Worcester Road, near the college. The suspects used their vehicle to block the student and the female companion, then fired a warning shot before searching their car and taking the keys and a purse, Shastany said.
Shastany said officers found no bullet casing nearby.

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Lt. Paul Shastany rocks, he keeps an eye on my grandmother also.

I am sick of this crap. Bottom line Framingham state has easy access to route 9 and a public street running through it. Chases seem to end in that area also for some reason.

Its amazing that a college that has been fighting for fire arms atleast since 1992 (I think) is unarmed. Be happy you at least have your Bat and Mace, in RI at Rhode Island College (like a Framingham State) only the supervisors carry.....Mace and a Bat, everyone else gets the MA Court Officer set-up (Cuffs, Gloves and a Radio!)
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