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A retired Ohio police officer in town to visit colleges with his daughter saw his car stolen by a man who then ditched the vehicle and used the cop's sidearm to carjack a woman and flee in her vehicle, police said.
The onetime cop had pulled up to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel near South Bay Plaza when a man posing as a valet offered to take the keys to his Dodge Caravan, police said.
The cop obliged, leaving his duty weapon behind in the vehicle, and the lead-footed thief sped away, police said. The cop quickly realized his mistake and latched on to the vehicle. He was dragged a short distance until he fell to the ground injured, police said.
Minutes later the crook ditched the minivan on a side street, police said. By then he'd found the police officer's weapon, took it from the car and run a few blocks to Dorchester Avenue, where he spotted a Jeep Wrangler parked in front of a woman's home, police said.
"He knocked on her door, pointed the gun at her and demanded her keys and took off," a police official said.
The call for that second carjacking came in about 20 minutes after the first one, and this time police were ready. Seconds after a description of the vehicle was broadcast, police spotted the Jeep near Columbia Road and managed to stop him on Stoughton Street, where he was arrested.
Boston police also found the Ohio cop's gun behind a home on nearby Thornley Street.
The retired police officer was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he was treated for minor injuries due to his attempt to stop the robbery. The man arrested was being held at the South Boston precinct and had not been charged as of last night.

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How does a retired officer have a "duty weapon"? Fucktards in the press.

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$200g bail for carjack suspect

Photo by Mike Adaskaveg
CHARGED: Ricardo Feliciano Jr. appears in court.

A Waltham man was court ordered to undergo drug treatment following his arraignment on charges he carjacked a retired Ohio sheriff's sergeant, assaulted a woman, stole her car and tried to kidnap her 12-year-old daughter.
Ricardo Feliciano Jr., 38, pleaded not guilty yesterday in South Boston District Court and was ordered held on $200,000 cash bail on charges including kidnapping, carjacking, home invasion, assault and firearm possession.
Feliciano, a convicted armed robber, has mental health and drug issues, his lawyer says.
Feliciano is accused in a terrifying 30-minute crime spree Tuesday night that cops say started when he stole a minivan from tourists checking into a hotel.
Peter Snyder, 62, a retired Montgomery County Sheriff's sergeant who was in Boston visiting colleges with his daughter, was unloading luggage from his Dodge Caravan at the Courtyard by Marriott near South Bay at 7:30 p.m. when Feliciano, posing as a valet, got in the front seat, police said.
Feliciano allegedly sped off as Snyder, who grabbed onto a door, was dragged. He was later hospitalized for minor injuries.
Feliciano allegedly crashed the van and took Snyder's gun from the minivan. He ran to a home on Dorchester Avenue and threatened a woman inside, according to police.
"Don't you scream," Feliciano allegedly yelled.
He flashed a gun in his waistband, demanded her keys and grabbed her 12-year-old daughter, saying: "She's coming, too," the report states. Within seconds her daughter broke free. Feliciano took off in the woman's Jeep, which she reported as stolen, police say. He was arrested minutes later when he crashed the Jeep. Police recovered the gun nearby.

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