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By Matt Lynch/Daily News staff
The MetroWest Daily News
Posted Aug 25, 2008 @ 10:29 PM

A New Hampshire man arrested Saturday night may have been so drunk he thought he was in New Hampshire and admitted to drinking too much, police said.
Jeremy C. Ackroyd, 30, of 6 Meinser Circle, Salem, N.H., had a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit of .08, police said. When asked how many drinks he had, Ackroyd said, "Too many."
Ackroyd was arrested around 10 p.m. after turning left from Granger Boulevard onto Main Street without signaling or yielding to oncoming traffic, police said.
After police pulled Ackroyd over and asked him to step out of his van, he needed nearly a full minute to open the door after repeatedly reaching for and missing the handle, according to a police report on file at Marlborough District Court.
Once he got out of his van, he held the door to keep from falling and could only walk if he used the van to steady himself, police said. After he nearly fell face-first into the van during a field sobriety test, Ackroyd put his hands behind his back and said, "Just do it," motioning for police to arrest him.
While being taken to the police station, Ackroyd alternately yelled profanities at police and sat quietly while appearing to pass out, police said.
Once at the station, he told officers he lived "right around the corner." He continued to think he was in New Hampshire, even after police told him he was in Massachusetts, police said.
"This continued over and over throughout the booking process," Officer Andrew LaRose wrote in his report.
Ackroyd was charged with driving under the influence of liquor - third offense, assault and battery on a police officer, driving with a suspended license - subsequent offense and resisting arrest, police said. He was also cited for failure to yield at an intersection and failure to signal, police said.

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DWI 1st carries a minimum mandatory 9 month loss of license, $500 fine, Impaired Driver Intervention Program (weekend class)and is a class B misdemeanor. The penalties for subsequent and aggravated DWI rise and include mandatory jail time. NH has an implied consent law that mandates a license suspension for a refusal of 6 months for a first offense and 2 years for a subsequent refusal.
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