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Cops: Driver blocked shooting chase

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A Dorchester man who was already in trouble with the cops used his car early Sunday morning to block a hot police pursuit after a West End shooting, prosecutors said, as they added two counts of "accessory after the fact to assault and battery" to the charges Etson Alves was already facing.
Boston police said an officer was finishing a detail at 2 a.m. when he heard gunshots near Friend Street. The cop spotted two men getting into a dark-colored car and speeding off. He turned on his blue lights and siren and was following the car when, police said, Alves pulled alongside in a Nissan Altima.
"The officer attempted to follow it, but Alves' Altima repeatedly cut in front of his cruiser and, at one point, allegedly forced the officer across the yellow lines and into the oncoming traffic lanes," said a statement from District Attorney Daniel F. Conley's office. "Alves allegedly continued his efforts to slow the officer's pursuit of the suspect vehicle until they reached North Washington Street. There, with lights and siren still active, the officer pulled around and away from the Altima but lost sight of the sedan in the area of the tunnel."
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Scumbag, ofcourse he was in no way involved in the attempted murder :rolleyes:
At least he got Alves-BPD almost always calls off chases even at that time with little traffic after a couple of minutes. F it if you're going to stay late after the detail to do a report-ram the POS, a damage to department vehicle form would be well worth it...
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I hope he went to jail with a pounding headache.
Crash car, usually smarter to use someone clean who ISN'T out on bail.
How about immediate threat and assault w/ a DW?
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