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Two more down, seven to go.
One perv on the list of the state's Ten Most Wanted Sex Offenders was caught dozing. Another just gave up, after state police publicized his and other pervs' mugshots this week.
Cops found Eric Conalty, 38, asleep on his parents' couch in Lake Jackson, Texas, yesterday morning when they burst through the door, police said. Conalty is wanted for committing unnatural acts on a child under 16, and for failing to register as a sex offender on his prior conviction of indecent assault and battery of a child.
Cops classified Conalty as a high-risk offender and recently began tracking his movements up and down the East Coast, where he was traveling under an alias, until he shifted to Texas. He's been on the list of wanted sex offenders since 2006.
Meanwhile, Shayne Sampson, 48, gave himself up to probation authorities in Clinton yesterday. He is being held without bail. Sampson was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.
The first Top 10 perv bust came as the list was being prepared for release. Rapist Edwardo Bueno was nabbed in Portsmouth, Va.
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