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Cop uses suspect's car to make arrest
By Associated Press, 6/19/2003

DES MOINES, Iowa - A city police officer showed he'll do just about anything to catch his man -- even borrow the suspect's car.

Officer James Butler was working security inside a local Wal-Mart store Monday when he heard the blare of a car stereo in the parking lot. The driver of the car, Derrick Sanders, 25, was wanted on more than a half-dozen warrants.

Sanders jumped out of the car and took off running when he was asked for identification.

Butler said he looked around before quickly deciding his next move.

"I got in his car and started after him," Butler said.

The suspect disappeared into a nearby Radio Shack.

Sanders "looked pretty confused" to see his own car in pursuit, Butler said. "He didn't know what to think."

Butler used the car to block the store's back door. Employees blocked the front door, and minutes later Butler had Sanders in custody.

It wasn't the first time Butler took unusual means to catch his man.

In 1995, he caught a shoplifter after he hitched a ride from a passing motorist, borrowed a man's bicycle and drove a moped the suspect had stolen and crashed.
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