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Cop Intentionally Crashes His Car, Saves Life

SACRAMENTO (CBS) ― A Sacramento police officer did something few ever do: intentionally crash into another moving car. It's an unusual move that may have prevented a head-on collision and saved someone's life.

While driving west on Mack Road in Sacramento, Officer Tim Martin saw something unusual.

"When I looked in the car, I could see the guy waving his arms around," Martin said.

Pulling his patrol car closer, Martin saw that the driver of the Cadillac was having a seizure. The car was in the left-turn lane at Valley High Drive and was rapidly approaching traffic.

"The only think I could think of was, 'I hope I have enough time to get in front of him,'" Martin said. "I just accelerated and swerved in front of his car… his car hit mine."

The two cars were damaged, but it could have been a lot worse.

The driver of the other car was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover.
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