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He's a scumbag plain & simple. I don't know him & I never care to meet him ever in the future. I wouldn't waste my time even spitting on him. Anybody, ANYBODY who beats the woman who gave them birth deserves everything the court system can throw at them, and then some.

I don't care if he has 1 million excuses for his behavior, you just shouldn't do it, period. It's maybe acceptable to hit your mother when you are 3 years old and in the middle of a temper tantrum. He's doing it 30 years later, so that makes him a scumbag, deserving of Cedar Junction. Those inmates will teach poor Mr. Sideris (ex-cop and future ex-con) what's it's like to be on the recieving end of a beating.

My mother and father are in the same age bracket & you've got to cherish your parents at this age. They may not be around much longer so each & every day with them is special. Besides, if I ever raised a hand at them, my old man would still give me the smack-down. This guy is a loser, pretending to be a cop. A real cop would never do such a thing. HC
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