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Nothing gets a subgun geeks blood running faster than a full auto dump from a Beta C-Mag.
Some new folks that we have started dealing with have a couple cool videos of the C-Mag dump that are pretty fun to watch.

Tactically, it's not a good thing do do but you can sort of get the idea on what they are about. Giving the LE officer access to superior and overwhelming firepower without having to stress reload. Granted if you are in a firefight that needs that many rounds to bring things to a've got a lot more problems than stress reloading but there are other benefits to the c-mag. They make the rifle or subgun a bit heavier, thereby reducing perceived recoil, they balance out well with their side by side loading drums, they are EXTREMELY reliable. Should your department run out and buy some, probably not but it's a neat video to watch.

AR Dump

MP5 dump
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