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contract stalemate

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As a new fiscal year approaches for many of us, I was curious,
1. How many members departments are without a contract?
2. What are the sticking points between your bargaining unit and the municipality/college/bean counters?
3. How far into negotiations are you, mediation, arbitration, J.L.M.C., etc...
4. Who is your bargaining representative, ie. I.B.P.O., MASSCOP, private counsel, etc., and are you satisfied with their representation??
5. For those lucky enough to have a contract, what worked in negotiations??

This is a lot, but it may assist myself and others in our quest for a fair contract and a living wage.
Buford T
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As a resident of the Town of Danvers I know the union has been fighting hard with the Herr town manager for a new contract. The residents here support it. It is just a cost of liveing increase......thats all.

I know voters in Marblehead approved the ballot question of a tax override to allow I think it comes out to like 2 million more although dont quote me on numbers. I know in that override will include money for new town vehicles. I am just a fairly new auxillary over there so I dont pry into the regulars business or keep up with town happenings that much, it was just mentioned at our last meeting.
I got them to link with this site.
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