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Constable Heidi Stevenson of the RCMP

Discussion in 'Line of Duty Death News' started by res2244, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

  2. MPD703

    MPD703 Subscribing Member

    Rest easy, sister. Others may take you post but no one will ever take your place.
  3. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    May she rest with angels.

    (Keep a close eye on the wackers in your communities. This one reportedly had a full uniform and wackermobile which could only be distinguished by the cruiser number.)
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  4. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

    Yeah this guy collected a bunch of RCMP memorbilia as well as having a profile of being someone who was interested in LE and being a whacker, investigation is still pending but I hope they lock up the perp and throw away the key, nothing should bring someone to violence even during a pandemic
  5. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    No trial necessary. He went down to meet his maker.
  6. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    ODMP used to have a link to it's Canadian equivalent. I haven't been able to access is recently.

    Rest in Peace, Sister and know you'll never face your murderer again. You're in Heaven.
  7. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Very rare for a whacker to become aggressive. Usually they just whacky.

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  8. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Very true my sensei!;)
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  9. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    So tragic...Rest in peace sister
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