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A West Hartford police officer was hit with a car door when two men were fleeing a supermarket in West Hartford Friday, police said.
A 22-year-old Bristol man was charged with assaulting the officer, including several other charges.
Police were investigating after seeing a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of Shaws Supermarket on Kane Street when they saw a man run from the store and jump into a vehicle occupied by another man, police said.
When police drove toward the vehicle, the driver sped forward, ramming the police car head-on, police said.
The two men refused to get out of the car and assaulted one officer with their car door, police said. The driver sped off through the parking lot and hit a large trash receptacle, police said.
Police chased the suspects on foot to the vicinity of Kennedy Park and the Westwood Apartments and found Paul Bergeron, of Bristol, hiding in the fourth-floor laundry room of # 80 Kane St., police said. They subdued him with a stun gun after he fought with police, police said.
Bergeron received minor injuries from the vehicle collision, police said. Police are looking for the other man and said they developed several leads.
Several police officers received minor injuries and a received front-end damage. The other car was damaged from ramming the cruiser and hitting the trash bin, police said.
Bergeron was charged with second-degree robbery, first- and second-degree criminal attempt at assault, assault on a police officer, interfering and resisting, second-degree criminal trespass and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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