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Colorado inmates go on brief hunger strike

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Colorado inmates go on brief hunger strike after five straight turkey dinners

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - Some Colorado prisoners are complaining their food is for the birds. Five straight turkey dinners prompted El Paso County jail inmates to go on a brief hunger strike.

The inmates refused to eat Saturday, arguing that meals such as turkey chili mac, turkey a la king, turkey stew and turkey sausage were unnecessarily cruel.

Sheriff's officials said Wednesday that the hunger strike lasted a half hour.

"Turkey, turkey and more turkey is not a form of punishment," the sheriff's office said in a tongue-in-cheek prepared statement. "The inmates accepted this reasoning and gobbled up their dinner meal."

The inmates had spaghetti for dinner Wednesday - with turkey-based meat sauce.
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A half hour is not a hunger strike. :roll:
That's just stupid. They are lucky the get to eat at all. A half hour strike? What the heck kind of strike is that? Bunch of whiny pain in the taxpayers wallet inmates.

If I was Sheriff I would let them hunger strike what the heck would I care... oh wait that would be considered cruel and unusual now wouldn't it :roll:
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