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:?: I'm looking for some information on what College will be good to look for employment. Retiring form a Municiple PD in April after 27 years. Looking to work at a College PD located south of Boston between 495 and Rt 3. Will travel a little if necessary.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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The College of the Fenway was looking a while back. It's a great opt. if you have kids becoming of college age. Most colleges will put you, your spouce and your kids through for free. ( all you have to foot is the cost for books) It's almost too good to be true.
What you heard about the officer that left Stonehill is bull s--t. He was not useless as quoted, he just didn't take crap from management. I admit that we have some unresolved issues at Stonehill, but we have a solid few that still work here.
With all the bashing Stonehill has gotten and bad press, is there anyone that is actually working there or had worked there? Or is it all rumors and hear say that everyone is going on.
:?: :?: That you Rutin? :!: :!:
MPD";p="50739 said:
I would stay away from Stonehill and Bridgewater State College. Now that the MCJTC is cutting campus police from their trainings and academies all these schools that used have good reputations are slowly turning into turn-key security positions. No citations. If I read correctly it said that Bridgewater State College shouldn't even be pulling cars over. Is that true?

I had a chance to work at a school and I'm glad I had the option not to. I have a question if UMASS and the other schools are going to the MBTA Academy how much longer before the MBTA loses their good reputation as a squared away academy and that turns into an academy for security. I don't see them accepting colleges much longer and losing their much deserved reputation. Best of luck!
Are You for real??????????????
It's cynical, subjective, opinionated "persons" like you that post absolute GARBAGE based on misinterpretation of both Laws and rational discussions of same here in Masscops land.
What kind of fool posts garbage that schools are "slowly turning into turn-key security positions"? BTW its MPTC not MCJTC anymore. Please try to be accurate about who, what, why, etc you're referring to. I can't even waste the time to dignify your asinine reference to BSC "shouldn't even be pulling cars over".
How could MBTA lose their good reputation by turning out quality graduates? It doesn't matter what agency they came from. You sound like an adolescent, not an objective adult. As for your comment about having the option not to work at a school, I'm sure EVERYONE of those departments are equally as glad you exercised you choice not to.
You are my Masscops "Jackass of the Week" nomination
Try looking at Brandies Univ. You will start at about $20/hr and there is a good amount of O.T. if you want it. We are also in a contract year so the pay will go up in June and the benies are great.
PM if you want more info.
YAY MPD61.... I second that !!!

PDfrenzy.... Try MGH police and security. I hear that the pay is great and the bennies are good too.
I thought that was your ugly puss on their website. :p :p How are you??? It's RJ. Are you still wearing those white socks :lol: :lol:
Heard you still had your hand in things... Getting out soon so I'm Looking. .. If your still there it can not be that bad. Give me the 411 on Stonehill. It's close to home..
Thanks for info on Brandis, MGH and College of the Fenway. They all sound good, but I'm looking a little south of Boston. Trying to avoid the city Commute.
But thanks :D :D
8) 8) 8) Hey RJ!!! Good to hear from you. But of course still white socks. Would you excpect anything different???? Heard you were thinking about getting out. I still see a few from time to time, when my liver recovers.
Just made a posting to Big Changes to Stonehill that should answer your question.
No channel 9 here so we are not 20-89. Give me a call and I'll give the the full 411. Clerks at old station will have my cell phone #. Given them a call and then me.
Only there on an on call basis now. Grabbed my shoot and bailed. Too many head aches and tired of watching back. Got new gig that I think you would fit in just fine. Money Ok, but great crew. Like Family!!!Total F-Troop.
Good to hear from you and definately keep in touch. ..........Amos Ploud
pdfrenzy";p="51011 said:
I thought that was your ugly puss on their website. :p :p How are you??? It's RJ. Are you still wearing those white socks :lol: :lol:
Heard you still had your hand in things... Getting out soon so I'm Looking. .. If your still there it can not be that bad. Give me the 411 on Stonehill. It's close to home..
Thanks. Will keep in touch. Happy New Year!!!!!
:!: :?: 8) I just want to thank everyone for their help in this topic. I did retire last month and landed a job right away at a local college PD.
I can honestly say I enjoyed my first couple of days, but that was it.
No disrepect to any Campo's out there, it was not what I expected. You are definately more patient than I am. After a couple of weeks to responding to open and locking doors, I got that one hot call, yesterday, that we all spent so much time training for, that priority one response for that running toilet :oops: You got to be sh.tting me!!!!
I went directly to the station thinking it was a mistake and was informed by my "SUPERVISOR" :lol: I was wrong we do handle this type of call and to take care of it. I professionally informed him that "no, you are mistaken there is no I in we" and gave them back all their equipment. :D
Best of luck to all that work in the college enviroment, you have a tough job putting up with all that stuff. I think I wil just spend the summer hoisting a few cold ones while fishing and start searching for new horizons in the fall.
Coppsinc your were right municiple to campus is not a good move. Thanks Brother...Long live F-Troop!!!!
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You are my Masscops "Jackass of the Week" nomination[/quote]

Heavens to merga-troids, fellas! :shock:
I guess it takes one to know one...Right. You should spend more time working than being a wanta be at 1:05am.....Get a life.... 8)
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