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Coffee masturbator tells police he needs a hand to stop

A man addicted to masturbation and flashing coffee makers has thanked police for catching him saying he needs a hand to stop.
The Washington State man, 20, said he was addicted to fondling himself at drive-thru espresso stands and exposing himself to baristas.
But when finally caught he told police he was happy officers finally caught up with him.
'Thank you for catching me. I need to stop and I can't do it alone,' the man allegedly told police.
Since February at least seven baristas have reported that the man exposed himself when he drove up to their stands.
His weekly flashings finished on May 23 after the man hit two espresso stands in Monroe.
He was spotted by a police officer on the second flash and arrested.
The man told police his addiction to exposing himself at coffee stands stemmed from his addiction to pornography.
'Once you start, it's hard to stop,' he told officers.
He has been charged with three counts of indecent exposure.
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