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While you may be allowed to go to COBWEB as a Reserve, be advised they will still want a waiver of responsibility from your department, basically saying that the deparmtent will cover your for workman's compensation if you're injured during the course. I inquired about going myself a month or two ago, and was informed this by the trainer. You may have difficulty getting this as a reserve/part-timer. The department may not want to be on the hook for you for a non-essential training course.

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DODK911";p="70535 said:
I went through IPMBA and you are required to have your own bike and all required equipment like uniforms and bike repair tools, and you had to be full-time Police Officer to take the course.
I enquired with an instructor from IPMBA, and he was willing to let me take the course (as an auxiliary) provided I got a sponsor letter from my PD as well as a waiver.

I ended up not going through with it because of the $300 cost for the course PLUS the costs of a hotel and eating out every day/night would have made it more $$ than I was willing to spend.

Even though the riding portion of the IPMBA course is supposedly more intensive, I decided to go with COBWEB instead because they hold classes on the east side of the state. I am still waiting to hear from them as to when they are doing classes though...
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