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Cobra Cuffs and Cobra Training Cuffs - FOR SALE

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    4 Black Cobra Cuffs and 2 Blue Cobra Training Cuffs - FOR SALE
    $20 (Not including shipping)
    The blue training cuffs can be re-used for training purposes.

    • SUPERIOR DESIGN – Cobra Cuffs Patented design surpasses traditional nylon zip tie restraints with the addition of a cross-linked rubber, preventing stress cracks or blunt force techniques commonly used against nylon disposable cuffs. This additional material is incredibly strong, temperature resistant and ensures secured restraint.
    • DOUBLE LOCK – With a double lock design, shimming out of Cobra Cuffs is virtually impossible. Once properly restrained, there is no chance of slipping these cuffs. The unique shape of this double lock also prevents accidental over-tightening, reducing officer liability.
    • TACTICAL ADVTANGE – Unlike all competitor cuffs, Cobra Cuffs provide direct control to the officer handling the prisoner. Once tightened, the extra material becomes a drag handle, allowing the officer direct control over the movement of the transport. Cobra Cuffs can be removed by cutting or unlocked by the handling officer.
    • COMPACT – Cobra Cuffs are extremely versatile and can seamlessly fit into your duty belt or tactical loadout. Fitting in MOLLE webbing or folded into a traditional closed-top handcuff pouch will allow you to carry multiple Cobra Cuffs for daily use, or for special operations.
    • USA MADE – Cobra Cuffs are manufactured right here in the United States. Backed by multiple police forces and the top choice for the US Military, Cobra Cuffs are the premier restraint tool. Extremely effective and affordable, Cobra Cuffs are the restraint of choice for those who put their lives on the line every day.

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