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Lateral Entry

The Cobb County Sheriff's Office has a lateral entry program for law enforcement officers and encourages peace officers currently thinking about a change to take a good look at our agency. We are a large progressive agency that can offer many career opportunities to those seeking variety. If you are a community oriented officer and can embrace our mission, then we are interested in you


The employees of Cobb County are offered a comprehensive packge of benefits to meet their personal requirements.


CIGNA was elected to provide all dental benefits for Cobb County employees effective January 1, 2004. The CIGNA plan allows you to select any dentist or choose a network provider which ensures you will not be balance billed for charges over reasonable and customary. Dental coverage for the employee is free and coverage for the immediate family is available. The plan cost is $16.53 per pay period (2 weeks) for family coverage.


Cobb County offers two highly competitive health benefit options, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). Each option uses network physicians and has prescription drug plans that deliver quality products at minimal cost to the employee. The employee coverage premium is $14.45 per pay period (2 weeks) with the EPO plan and $19.08 per pay period (2 weeks) with the PPO plan. Coverage for employee + 1 dependent is $52.12 per pay period (2 weeks) with the EPO plan and $68.80 per pay period (2 weeks) with the PPO plan. The premium for an employee with more than one dependent is $72.12 per pay period (2 weeks) with the EPO plan and $95.20 per pay period (2 weeks) with the PPO plan.

Deferred Compensation

The deferred compensation plan will enable you to build tax-deferred retirement savings. With this plan, you may contribute a portion of your salary, before federal or state taxes are levied, to a retirement account. However, federal and state taxes become due when you withdraw money from the retirement account.
Tuition Reimbursement
Tuition reimbursement offers financial assistance to full-time county employees seeking to further their education in a chosen field.

Life Insurance

Cobb County provides each employee with life insurance equal to two times their annual base earnings. In addition, there are employee paid coverage plans for dependents.


You are 100% vested after you complete seven years of credited service. Each employee must contribute 4.25% of their income towards their retirement benefits. Early retirement is offered at age 55 with at least seven years of service. The normal retirement age is 65. However, there is an early retirement plan called the Rule of 80. The Rule of 80 is applicable when your age plus years of service equals 80.
Annual Leave
The annual leave provided to an employee is based upon the years of service.

1 - 5 years -- 10 days annually

6 - 15 years -- 15 days annually

15+ years -- 20 days annually

In addition, there are 10 paid holidays per year.
Sick Leave
Employees that work 40 hours per week receive 4 hours of sick leave. The sick leave is accrued bi-weekly.

Further Information

If you would like more information, contact the Cobb County Human Resource Department at (770) 528-2541. The job hotline, a recording of current openings for all of Cobb County, is (770) 528-2555. Their web site contains an indepth review of the benefits and other positions available for employment within Cobb County.

Contact Information

Deputy Sheriff Amy Herd
Cobb County Sheriff's Office
185 Roswell Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Telephone: (770) 499-4701

Cobb County Human Resource Department
Marietta, Georgia 30060
Telephone: (770) 528-2555 -- Employment Hotline
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