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Coasties come to the rescue for infant

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    Coast Guard AST II Chuck Ferrante holds 2-day-old Rami at Floating Hospital for Children under the supervision of, left to right, AET II Glenn Hosford, Lt. Nate Hudson, Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Lavin and nurse Mary McCourt. (Staff photo by Ted Fitzgerald)

    Born on Nantucket amid a treacherous windstorm, Baby Rami almost didn’t make it through his first night.

    But a Coast Guard helicopter crew came to the newborn’s rescue and did what they do best: saved the day.
    “I was crying the whole time,” said his thankful, shaken mother from the neonatal intensive care unit at New England Medical Center yesterday. “I thought he was not going to make it.”
    Rami, whose family declined to release their names, was born Wednesday night, weighing in at nearly 10 pounds. But he immediately had trouble breathing, which doctors have since narrowed down to either pneumonia or too much fluid in the lungs.
    The tiny Nantucket Cottage Hospital where Rami was born was not equipped to treat newborns in distress. Meanwhile, the storm’s heavy turbulence grounded all medevac helicopters, leaving things up to the Coast Guard.
    Lt. Commander Matt Lavin, who piloted the rescue mission, said his emotions during the ordeal were as bumpy as the trip inland on his chopper. “It hits home,” said the father of three. “You feel for the family. You feel their distress.”
    During a reunion of the four-member flight crew and Baby Rami yesterday, NEMC presented a small teddy bear to each crew member, as well as the recovering infant. “I don’t want to say the baby would have died there,” said Dr. Jonathan Davis, director of newborn medicine, “but it is certainly a possiblity.”

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